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You are most likely using one of Google's many products in your day-to-day life and probably don't think much of it. Looking up restaurants or searching for information are actions we are so used to be doing that we often take them for granted. There are, however a few people in the world that are using these products to make change and inspire.

Google's Search On is a series of inspiring stories that showcases how Google products are used to make change in the world. Anjai, who's using Android to develop solutions to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Dnyan who bikes across the world to spread love and peace, and Robin, a Native American who used Google Search to get herself a college degree.

In collaboration with Google Brand Studio's we created a set of editorial stories, each with unique interactive modules that highlighted the technology and social impact.


Women for Water
I am Dnyan
Between Worlds 


Google Brand Studio


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2017 — 2018


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01 — Women of Water


02 — Dnyan


03 — Between Worlds

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